MINIM.AL, with Anne Truitt in mind

Open Call: MINIM.AAL, denkend aan Anne Truitt

The exhibition MINIM.AL, with Anne Truitt in mind, opens on April 6 with 10 minimalist artists and designers from home and abroad.

Anders Sletvold Moe (Norway)
Arvid Boecker (Germany)
Eva Dijkstra (The Netherlands)
Gert de Clercq (Belgium)
James William Murray (United Kingdom)
Mariejon de Jong - Buijs (The Netherlands, living in Switzerland)
abcdef (Germany)
Nieke Lemmens (The Netherlands)
Oscar van der Put (Belgium)
Sarah van der Lijn (The Netherlands)

From April 4 to April 7, the exhibition MINIM.AL, with Anne Truitt in mind, will be organized together with the artists and designers. Visitors are already very welcome! Artist abcdef opens the exhibition by creating a work live on the facade of iCOON.

iCOON is open from 11am to 5pm!
And  tickets costs 10 euros.

Anne Truitt

Anne Truitt (March 16, 1921 – December 23, 2004), born Anne Dean, was an American sculptor of the mid-20th century. She became known in the late 1960s for her large-scale minimalist sculptures, especially after influential solo exhibitions at the André Emmerich Gallery in 1963 and at the Jewish Museum (Manhattan) in 1966.
Unlike her contemporaries, she made her own sculptures by hand, using shunned industrial processes. Her work draws on images from her past and is also about the visual trace of memory and nostalgia.