About iCOON

The Jan Lels ferry and rescue museum, which closed in 2019, is currently being converted into an art space for minimalist art and design. Sometimes, in the middle of the renovation, iCOON opens its doors to the public, including all the frayed edges that this entails. It is a unique opportunity to see the bunker, of which Ard Bezemer and Helma Vlemmings became owners in October 2020, in transition.

The pilot exhibition 'The landscape I know' by image maker Vivian Ammerlaan could be admired from September 2021 to February 2022. The sensory experience 'Dark Harbor - New Light' by Caroline Bijvoet, for four days at the end of April 2022. In October 2022, Museum Rotterdam put this new country estate, with the Waterwegdiorama of Gidding and associated viewpoint of MVRDV, on the map.

iCOON is located at Badweg 1B in Hoek van Holland. In a beautiful location, centrally in the dunes, between the Waterweg and the North Sea: a small-scale museum of high quality in the making.

copyright: icoon hoek van holland

In preparation: lookout tower the UITzWAAI, based on the watchtowers from the Cold War, by the Rotterdam artist Joram Raaijmakers and the corridor system the DUINKAMER, based on the thickness of the bunker walls, by the Amsterdam artist Krijn de Koning

copyright: iCOON Hoek van Holland

A film from the iCOON Hoek van Holland museum. An episode from the Schatten van de Hoek series with films from museums in Hoek van Holland.