02.09 - 24.09

iCOON starts searching for the sublime minimal. A 4 weekends long spectacle with artists, designers and other performers. Just passing by is too easy, sometimes you have to join this quest.

Sublime design language is the starting point for a month-long search for the sublime minimal form language. What is minimal, what does that search entail and what does it yield?
Not an exhibition, but rather a spectacle of activities around a minimal form language. Of course, work will also be exhibited. Sometimes a day, weekend or longer. Work is made on location, installations are given a place in the space. They are built by the maker, sometimes together with enthusiastic visitors.

After September, iCOON will close for work inside and outside. So we organize a special closing starring a passion that we share: minimal design language. This closure may occur, it does not have to be predetermined. The work - present for a short or long time - is combined with film, workshops, music, live meetings, presentations, interviews live or online. And short artist in residences for a new work or research to be made. Inside and outside. When the weather is nice, that also becomes an increasingly pleasant place to be together. Maybe with an outdoor lunch or picnic… .

The list of participants is being created. It has not yet been determined, but consists of Rotterdam, Dutch and European artists/designers. And preferably also as many viewers, thinkers and admirers as possible.
Also view the agenda for precise information about who, what and which weekend is coming!

iCOON by the sea

We also cherish the beauty of the empty space in iCOON. This tranquil interior space is and remains subservient to the activities that take place. If these change quickly and are minimal in number at the same time, there is always enough space.
Those who combine their visit to iCOON with a visit to the sea, the dunes or the Nieuwe Waterweg will enjoy it even more. Those coming from Rotterdam or the surrounding area can take the new metro to Zee and only have to walk back to iCOON.

Opening hours

September 2 til September 24, 2023
Saturday and Sunday 11.00 - 18.00


Tickets € 7,50 / Weekend-ticket € 10,00
Passe-partout € 25,00