23.06 - 27.08

INTERVAL. 12 Dutch and Belgian artists.

Admire: Erris Huigens / deconstructie, Ropp Schouten, Johan van Oeckel, Kristel van Ballaer, Ilse Pierard, Johan de Wit, Geert Vanoorlé, Henk Delabie, Sil Krol, Petra Laaper, Judith Bloedjes en Geert Keuter, Yumiko Yoneda.

We will start building on June 16th. Visitors are also very welcome then.

INTERVAL arose spontaneously. iCOON Hoek van Holland is closed between the end of March and the end of July due to work. A nice meeting with the Belgian artist Ilse Pierard changed that. She made me (unconsciously) excited to open earlier. With the minimalist art & design of 12 Belgian and Dutch makers. Thank you, Ilse!

6 Participating makers were also part of the previous exhibition MINIM.AAL, longing for Donald Judd. Ilse Pierard, Kristel van Ballaer, Johan de Wit (BE), Judith Bloedjes, Yumiko Yoneda and Sil Krol (NL). Judith Bloedjes forms an occasional duo for INTERVAL with partner Geert Keuter. These 'experienced minimalists' are reinforced by 6 new ones: Johan van Oeckel, Henk Delabie, Geert Vanoorlé (BE), Petra Laaper, Ropp Schouten and Erris Huigens. (NL). Among them also 3 Rotterdam makers who connect the center of Rotterdam with the Rotterdam Hoek van Holland, 30 km away.


During INTERVAL. some special performances will take place. On June 25, July 1, July 8 and July 16, August 13 and August 27.

In the summer iCOON is - enclosed by dunes, Waterway, and sea - a wonderful place to be. Extra happenings make a visit even more interesting: making live art by Erris Huigens / Deconstructie, a post-minimalist presentation with a nod to Donald Judd by artist Cecilia Vissers, a new Meet-the-makers and a performance where dance and art merge by dancer Tu Hoang together with artist Johannes Langkamp.

See for more details: agenda

iCOON by the Sea

Those who combine their visit to iCOON with a visit to the sea, the dunes or the Waterway will enjoy it even more. Those coming from Rotterdam, or the surrounding area can take the new metro to the Sea and only must walk back a little while to iCOON.

opening hours

June 23 - August 27, 2023
Friday 16:00 - 20:00
Saturday & Sunday 12:00 - 17:00


Tickets € 5,00
Specials € 10,00
Passe-partout € 15,00
Passe-partout PLUS € 30,00